College of Engineering’s Engineering Research Center supports the faculty and staff at the college in building research programs of nationally recognized excellence.  We assist faculty and staff in their pursuit of research activities, management of their research, and ensure the activities are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Identification of Funding Opportunities

  • Dissemination of information on programs, policies, and trends
  • Search for sponsors and advise on approach

Proposal Preparation

It is helpful if researchers inform ERC as soon as they know that they are submitting a proposal, especially if the submission is in response to a RFP, or involves the use of an electronic submission system.

  • Interpretation of sponsor guidelines
  • Development of proposal budget with PI
  • Completion of standardized forms
  • Assure compliance with Federal, State and University regulations
  • Technical review of proposal content
  • Coordinating the internal routing of proposals
  • Review of final proposal for adherence to sponsor requirements for proposal preparation (formatting, page limitations, etc.)
  • Prepare final proposal for review and submission (hardcopy or electronic) by the Office of Grants and Contracts