Aerospace:  Offering the only degree-granting aerospace program in the state and with newly added graduate-level degree programs, NMSU leads the future of aerospace engineering. Projects include systems monitoring mate­rials behavior, biomimetrics to understand the mechanisms that allow birds and fish to generate thrust, computer simulation of structural vibrations, nanosat­ellites, unmanned aerial vehicles and the development of robotics to control aerospace vehicle maneuvers.

ricketts_craig_02_081911Energy:   To help address the growing nationwide demand for power, we are building on our expertise in microgrids, fuel-cell technology, renewable resources and electric power systems engineering. Other areas of focus include examining ways to develop alternative sources of energy and utilize tradi­tional fossil resources to provide cost-effective, distributed electricity to our communities. Our Institute for Energy and the Environment provides innova­tive research in alternative energy and water. Since 1968, our Electric Utility Management Program has been developing students with the engineering skills and business acumen to serve as leaders in this complex industry.

Information Science:  NMSU is at the forefront of this important area, with funded research in wireless networking, remote sensing, sensor networks, target recognition, speech processing, space communications and antenna design. Our strengths in information sciences draw from expertise in computer networking, communications, digital signal processing, integrated circuit design, microwave engineering and optics. In 1987, the International Foundation for Telemetering designated NMSU as the first Telemetering Center of Excellence for the study of telemetry systems, advanced communications, advanced modulation, coding, data transport and equalization techniques.

Transportation:   The University has a long history of research and collaboration with industry through our Bridge Research Center, launched in 1972, which works to improve the safety and performance of bridges. The program offers the only Bridge Safety Inspection training program in the na­tion. This program fosters research in new technologies for improving highway safety, evaluation methods and performance.

Water:  Our expertise in ensuring water quality and quantity crosses a number of disciplines and not only addresses local issues for our arid region but also has worldwide applications. As a partner in the National Science Founda­tion’s Urban Water Engineering Research Center, we are pursuing the goal to reinvent America’s aging and inadequate water infrastructure. Projects across campus include the use of algae for wastewater treatment and energy produc­tion, riparian zone management, management of urban drainage systems and development of the use of brine in landscaping.

nanotubes_05_102708Biomedical:  Our engineers are making inroads in biomedical research across disciplines. Engineering research that earned a U.S. patent on a reduced-gravity technology used to train astronauts also has promising ap­plications in helping people with physical disabilities or injuries offload weight for training and rehabilitation purposes. Another project introducing new tech­nology in the standard instrumentation used in flow cytometry may open up a host of biological research applications. Yet another researcher is developing novel methods for characterization and modeling of bone structure that has important implications for the development of improved materials for surgical bone implants. Industrial engineering researchers are working toward finding efficiencies for medical delivery systems.

Manufacturing:  The Manufacturing Technology and Engi­neering Center was established in 2000 to provide manufacturing, engineer­ing and proof of concept and prototype refinement for businesses along with improving the technical workforce through new program development, training and outreach activities. The center leverages research facilities, expertise and statewide resources including the NMSU Engineering New Mexico Resource Network, NMSU Arrowhead Center and the New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Program.