Expertise List

NameDepartmentEmailArea of Specialization (s)
Borah, DevaElectrical and Computer Engineeringdborah@nmsu.eduDigital Communications, RF and optical wireless communications, detection and estimation techniques.
Boucheron, LauraElectrical and Computer Engineeringlboucher@nmsu.eduImage Processing, including feature extraction & selection, object-level analysis, and incorporation of temporal information;   Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning; Interdisciplinary Applications of Image and Signal Processing; Signal Processing, including speech enhancement and coding
Brahma, SukumarElectrical and Computer Engineeringsbrahma@nmsu.eduPower System Protection; Digital Relaying; Fault Location; Power System Modeling and Simulation; Distributed Generation and Microgrids; PMU Data Mining and Visualization; Wide Area Protection and Control
Cho, Sang YeonElectrical and Computer Engineeringsangycho@nmsu.eduNanoscale devices for photonic applications; Optical Bio/Chemical Sensors; Advanced high-resolution microscopy system; Optoelectronic Devices including photodiodes and lasers.
Creusere, CharlesElectrical and Computer Engineeringccreuser@nmsu.eduDigital Signal Processing for audio, image, and video; Compressive Sensing/Sparse Reconstruction for LIDAR and continuously streaming signals; Communications related to space missions
Dawood, MuhammedElectrical and Computer Engineeringdawood@nmsu.eduEM Propagation: Precursor-based Information transmission/reception and Imaging through Dispersive media – soil, foliage, walls, and biological tissues; Antenna modeling, synthesis, and fabrication; Ultra wideband RF/Microwave active and passive systems; Advanced Signal Processing Techniques – for Radar/SAR and adaptive beam-forming
Deleon, PhillipElectrical and Computer Engineeringpdeleon@nmsu.eduSpeech processing incl. speaker recognition, speech enhancement; Pattern recognition and machine learning; applications of PRML to speech; embedded systems and mobile device programming
Furth, PaulElectrical and Computer Engineeringpfurth@nmsu.eduIntegrated Power Management Circuits: Low-Dropout Voltage Regulators; Multi-Stage Amplifiers and Compensation Techniques; CMOS Image Quality Sensors; Adaptive Optics Sensors; High Voltage Electronics
Huang, HongElectrical and Computer Engineeringhhuang@nmsu.eduWireless Sensor Networks; Modeling and Simulation of Wireless Networks; Network Security
Ng, KwongElectrical and Computer Engineeringngnsr@nmsu.eduComputational Electromagnetics; Bioelectromagnetics; Source and Structure Imaging; Antenna and Microwave System
Paz, RobertElectrical and Computer Engineeringrpaz@nmsu.eduRobotics & Automation, Reduced Gravity Simulation, Embedded Systems, Robust Control Systems, Source and Structure Imaging; Antenna and Microwave System
Prasad, NadipuramElectrical and Computer Engineeringnaprasad@nmsu.eduControl Systems and Power
Ramirez-Angulo, JaimeElectrical and Computer Engineeringjairamir@nmsu.eduDesign and test of high performance and low voltage analog and mixed signal VLSI Systems
Ranade, SatishkumaElectrical and Computer Engineeringsranade@nmsu.eduPower Systems Modeling , Simulation, and Control; Renewable Energy Integration in Power Systems; Microgrids; Applications of Power Electronics
Stochaj, StevenElectrical and Computer Engineeringsstochaj@nmsu.eduSolar Energetic Particles; Cosmic Ray Physics; Neutron Detectors; Small Satellite Design
Tang, WeiElectrical and Computer Engineeringwtang@nmsu.eduAnalog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design; Radio Frequency IC Design Wireless Communication; Biosensors; Application of Biomedical Circuits and Systems
Voelz, DavidElectrical and Computer Engineeringdavvoelz@nmsu.eduSpectral & Polarimetric Sensing; Optical Propagation through Atmospheric Turbulence; Free Space Optical Communications
Andersen, PaulChemical and Materials Engineeringpka@nmsu.eduTransport in Electrochemical Systems
Brewer, CatherineChemical and Materials Engineeringcbrewer@nmsu.eduThermochemical processing of biomass; biochar; biofuels; renewable energy for water desalination; sustainable agriculture; biomass resource utilization.
Deng, ShuguangChemical and Materials Engineeringsdeng@nmsu.eduNanostructured Materials, Hydrogen and Methane Storage by Adsorption, Gas Separation and Purification, Membrane Distillation for Brackish Water Desalination, Potable Water Purification, Air Pollution Control, Biofuels.
Foudazi, RezaChemical and Materials Engineeringrfoudazi@nmsu.eduPorous Materials, Soft Matter, Colloid and Interface Science, Membranes, Nanoparticles, Water Treatment.
Ghassemi, AbbasChemical and Materials Engineeringaghassem@nmsu.eduAdvanced water treatment; desalination and membrane processes ; renewable energy and biofuel; risk-based decision making; carbon management/sequestration; energy efficiency and energy recovery.
Houston, JessicaChemical and Materials Engineeringjph@nmsu.eduFlow-cytometry: analysis, sorting, applications thereof; Time-dependent photonics: fluorescence decay kinetics, phase-filtering; Biomaterials: reporters for Raman, Raleigh scatter, and Cytometric molecular imaging: in vivo diagnostic systems fluorescence; Image and digital signal processing: DAQ and computational methods
Luo, HongmeiChemical and Materials Engineeringhluo@nmsu.eduFunctional metal oxide, nitride, and nanocomposite epitaxial thin films for electronics, superconductors, and multiferroic applications; Nanostructured materials (quantum dots, nanoparticles, nanowires, nanotubes, and mesoporous materials) for magnetism, catalysts, water splitting, batteries, supercapacitors, and photovoltaic solar cell applications.
Manz, ThomasChemical and Materials Engineeringtmanz@nmsu.eduComputational Chemistry, Materials Science, Green Chemistry, Energy Applications; computational design of green chemistry catalysts, atomic population studies of magnetic, energy, and environmental materials
Martinez, JulioChemical and Materials Engineeringjulmart@nmsu.eduNanotechnologies; BioSensing Applications; Organic Photovoltaics; nanostructured energetic materials; adv. thermoelectrics; quantum transport; hybrid energetic systems; hybrid chem/bio sensors
Rockstraw, DavidChemical and Materials Engineeringdrockstr@nmsu.eduSynthesis and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Lignocellulosic Raw Materials; NDMA adsorption media; Flash Pyrolysis of solutions to form metallic nanoparticles; pyrolysis of plastics; intellectual and property and trade secret law
Cai, ChunpeiMechanical Engineeringccai@nmsu.eduGaskinetic theory and gaskinetic CFD, nonequilibrium gasdynamics and plasma dynamics
Choo, VincentMechanical Engineeringvchoo@nmsu.eduSolid Mechanics & Materials – Polymers and Composite Materials
Conley, EdgarMechanical Engineeringeconley@nmsu.eduExperimental Mechanics
Donaldson, A.Mechanical Engineeringbdonalds@nmsu.eduCombustion equipment design, combustion diagnostics, alternative energy, thermal desalination, thermal oil recovery
Drach, BorysMechanical Engineeringborys@nmsu.eduAnalytical, computational and experimental solid mechanics; composite and biocompatible materials; numerical methods in engineering
Garcia, GabeMechanical Engineeringgabegarc@nmsu.eduExperimental Solid Mechanics
Gross, AndreasMechanical Engineeringagross@nmsu.eduComputational Fluid Dynamics, Hybrid Turbulence Modeling, Active and Passive Flow Control, Chemical Non-Equilibrium Flows, Renewable Energy, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Kota, KrishnaMechanical Engineeringkkota@nmsu.eduHeat Transfer, Energy Efficiency, Multiscale Surface Engineering, Bio-inspired Design, Energy Systems, Thermal Management, Space Transportation
Lee, YoungMechanical Engineeringyounglee@nmsu.eduNonlinear Dynamics / System Identification, Aeroelasticity / Fluid-Structure Interaction, and Time-Delayed System
Leslie, IanMechanical Engineeringileslie@nmsu.eduThermal Science & Energy; Renewable energy and modeling
Ma, OuMechanical Engineeringoma@nmsu.eduDynamics and control, space and bio-inspired robotics, biomechanics
Park, YoungMechanical Engineeringypark@nmsu.eduDesign Optimization, Computational Solid Mechanics, Atomistic and Molecular Simulations
Sanyal, AmitMechanical Engineeringasanyal@nmsu.eduNonlinear Control and Dynamics, Geometric Mechanics, Nonlinear Estimation, Aerospace Control, Mobile Robots
Sevostianov, IgorMechanical Engineeringigor@nmsu.eduMicromechanics of Materials, Biomechanics
Shashikanth, BanavaraMechanical Engineeringshashi@nmsu.eduTheoretical Fluid Mechanics, Dynamical Systems and Control
Shu, FangjunMechanical Engineeringshu@nmsu.eduExperimental Fluid Dynamics, Bio-inspired Flow, Biofluidics, Microfluidics, Turbulent Flow, Optical Metrolog
Wei, MingjunMechanical Engineeringmjwei@nmsu.eduComputational Fluid Dynamics, Reduced-Order Models, Control and Optimization, Micro Air Vehicles, Aeroacoustics
Bandini, PaolaCivil Engineeringpaola@nmsu.eduExperimental characterization of engineering properties of soils (silty sands, cemented sands, soils with diatoms); numerical analysis of stability problems in geomechanics; evaluation, modeling and performance prediction of flexible pavements; recycled materials in geotechnical and pavement applications (tire bales, foam glass, crumb rubber); sustainable earthen construction materials (adobe).
Bawazir, A.Civil Engineeringabawazir@nmsu.eduWater Resources Engineering
Cortes, DouglasCivil Engineeringdcortes@nmsu.eduGeotechnical Engineering
Idriss, RolaCivil Engineeringridriss@nmsu.eduStructural Engineering
Jauregui, DavidCivil Engineeringjauregui@nmsu.eduStructural Engineering, Bridge Inspection
King, JamesCivil Engineeringjpking@nmsu.eduWater Resources Engineering
Martin, PeterCivil Engineeringwales@nmsu.eduTransportation, Intelligent Transportation Systems
Newtson, CraigCivil Engineeringnewtson@nmsu.eduStructural Engineering
Nirmalakhandan, NagamanyCivil Engineeringnkhandan@nmsu.eduEnvironmental Engineering
Papelis, CharalambosCivil Engineeringlpapelis@nmsu.eduEnvironmental Engineering
Ray, TCivil Engineeringrayt@nmsu.eduStructural Engineering
Samani, ZohrabCivil Engineeringzsamani@nmsu.eduWater Resources Engineering
Weldon, BradCivil Engineeringbweldon@nmsu.eduStructural Engineering
White, KennethCivil Engineeringkrwhite@nmsu.eduStructural Engineering, Bridge Inspection
Xu, PeiCivil Engineeringpxu@nmsu.eduWater and wastewater engineering; membrane processes; desalination; potable and non-potable water reuse; produced water treatment; advanced oxidation and disinfection; biological and bioelectrochemical processes; removal of emerging contaminants; membrane fouling; photocatalytic oxidation; energy recovery from wastewater.
Engi, DennisIndustrial Engineeringengi@nmsu.eduRisk analysis, dynamic simulation, optimization, intelligent agents, decision theory, and game theory.
Huang, Yu-LiIndustrial Engineeringyhuang@nmsu.eduProcess improvement in Health Care delivery systems including Outpatient Scheduling System, Urgent Care/ Emergency Systems, and Operation Room Scheduling System
Kammerdiner, AllaIndustrial Engineeringalla@nmsu.eduApplication of data mining, network science, and optimization in healthcare, biomedicine, and human factors. Modeling of networked systems. Local search and fitness landscapes. Application of advanced computing in computational finance.
Mullen, JohnIndustrial Engineeringjomullen@nmsu.eduStochastic processes, Educational research
Pines, EdwardIndustrial Engineeringepines@nmsu.eduTechnology and public policy, engineering entrepreneurship
Sohn, HansukIndustrial Engineeringhsohn@nmsu.eduNetwork design, logistics, and supply chain management
Valles-Rosales, DeliaIndustrial Engineeringdvalles@nmsu.eduOptimization of manufacturing processes to protect the environment; reducing manufacturing costs and scrap, designing and planning the best facilities; reducing process cycle time; selecting the appropriate raw material; facilitating collaboration among companies and academia; reducing fatigue among employee.
Beasley, JeffreyEngineering Technologyjbeasley@nmsu.eduElectronic communication systems, computer networking
Elaksher, AhmedEngineering Technologyelaksher@nmsu.eduSurveying engineering, photogrammetry, digital mapping
Frank, StevenEngineering Technologysfrank@nmsu.eduPlane surveying, boundary law, subdivision design, and land information systems
Hyde, AnthonyEngineering Technologyahyde@nmsu.eduVarious projects related to manufacturing, prototype design, adviser to Arrowhead
Jenkins, ThomasEngineering Technologytjenkins@nmsu.eduRenewable energy, digital and computer systems (hardware & software),   Sustainability
Jiang, RuinianEngineering Technologyrjiang@nmsu.eduTransportation and structural engineering research, design, construction, and management
Kelly, LynnEngineering Technologylskelly@nmsu.eduDigital systems/design, VHDL, sensor/payload design ; Atomic Aggies
Morrell, MichaelEngineering Technologymgm@nmsu.eduDatabase Design, Internet, Computer Programming, MultiMedia technology tools, Linux/Unix control scripting
Nogales, LukeEngineering Technologyluke@nmsu.eduProduct Development, Consumer Research, Disruptive Innovation, Design Thinking, Collaboration, Consumer Goods, Recruiting, Modeling, Education, Consulting
Presser, MattEngineering Technologymatt@nmsu.eduComputer Forensics, Network Security
Ricketts, CraigEngineering Technologycrickett@nmsu.eduApplied Thermodynamics, Heat and Transfer Applications, Fluid Technology
Sassenfeld, RolfeEngineering Technologyrolfe@nmsu.eduAnalog circuits, electronic devices, entrepreneurship, product innovation, power systems, and mobile device app design.
Stevens, KennyEngineering Technologykstevens@nmsu.eduStudent organizations
Wurm, KurtEngineering Technologykwurm@nmsu.eduSurveying engineering